There are few things more fun than going on a great vacation, and there are few things more frustrating than packing for a great vacation. Between trying to avoid overweight bag fees if you’re flying and trying to avoid running out of space in the trunk if you’re driving, packing for a vacation can be a real headache. By following a few simple tips though, you can make this process a breeze.

1.) Increase your outfit options without increasing your number of clothing items by making sure that all your tops match with all your bottoms. Shoes, bags, and sweaters can also be in neutral colors to make it easier to create a variety of cohesive looks with just a few accessories.

2.) Instead of packing cubes, use a purse or a reusable bag to separate different items inside our suitcase. This not only makes it easier for you to find smaller items you’ve packed, but it also gives you an extra shopping bag or purse for using when you’ve reached your vacation destination.

3.) Check the weather ahead of time and be realistic about what you’ll need to bring. While a freak blizzard in July is always possible, be realistic about what sort of weather you really need to pack for. Do you really need to bring three heavy jackets on a beach vacation or will one lightweight sweatshirt do the trick?

4.) Remember that neither forgetting something nor overpacking are the end of the world. If you end up forgetting something you need, then you can always purchase it at your destination if need be. And if you end up overpacking, then you can always pay the fee for overweight baggage or pay to have some items shipped back home. Neither of these situations is ideal, and they’ll both cost you a bit of money, but there’s no reason to let worrying about them ruin your vacation.

Vacations are meant to be fun, and with a bit of preparation and some common sense, you can spend more time enjoying your holiday and less time worrying about how to pack for it.

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