Most Florida travelers already know about state’s more popular beaches, such as Key West and Palm Beach. Other lesser known beaches can make great vacation spots for those who don’t like crowds. With miles upon miles of coastline and hundreds of nearby attractions, there are more than just a couple Florida beaches that are worth the trip.

Siesta Key Beach
There’s never a dull moment on Siesta Key. Whether you’re interested in basking in the sun or running your fingers through the soft sands, the island has something for everyone. Siesta Key Beach doubles as both a family vacation hotspot and the perfect place for singles to meet. Adventurous souls can live life to the fullest by taking a kayak on the smooth Gulf waters. More tranquil travelers can be at peace picking shells out of the sand. No matter your age, lifestyle, or budget, there’s something for everyone at Siesta Key Beach.

Atlantic Beach

Soft sands and a short commute make Atlantic Beach ideal for travelers flying into Jacksonville. History buffs can get their fix at the Beaches Museum and History Center. Smooth surf and long shores make this Florida beach ideal for travelers of all ages. Pedestrian-friendly streets, unique boutiques, and special events, including live music, are just a few other attractions that ensure there’s never a dull afternoon at Atlantic Beach.

Clearwater Beach

With a reputation to uphold as one of the Americas’ finest beaches, Clearwater Beach stretches three miles and gives way to beautiful blue Gulf waters. Beachfront hotels make Clearwater Beach the ideal family vacation spot, and with so much to do, it’s hard to make any argument otherwise! Travelers can take part in beach volleyball, rent fishing boats, head out on a dolphin-watching cruise, and much more. Plus, Tampa is just a short drive away, making Clearwater Beach the perfect all-in-one vacation spot.

Sanibel Beach

Sanibel Beach is on a barrier island that makes it a little more unique. Instead of a standard north-south layout, Sanibel Beach features an east-west designation that makes it perfect for shell collectors. Thanks to its prime spot on the Florida coastline, Sanibel Beach is home to thousands of intact shells of all shapes and sizes. Taking a stroll during low tide will reveal some of the some of the most exquisite conch and scallop shells in the world, let alone all of Florida.

Bowman’s Beach

Located a short distance from Sanibel Beach, Bowman’s Beach features picturesque views and a quiet atmosphere that makes it perfect for rest. A historic lighthouse overlooks the beach as a reminder of days past. The miles of white sand is covered in shells and remains free of the development sites that have taken over much of the surrounding islands.

Spending some time on a Florida beach is a great way to get away from the world for a while. Large crowds and high-traffic areas aren’t too relaxing for some. Fortunately, Florida has some tranquil, lesser-known beaches that can become the highlight of any vacation.

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